Using Crypto to Pay, Just a tap away

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The messaging and browsing app, Status, has recently released a new wallet. Keycard is being billed as an open source, secure, and contactless Hardwallet. The blockchain originally released the Status mobile wallet app in partnership with Faast. Their new wallet will be distributed to crypto developers for free, and then available to purchase at $29.

Guy-Louis Grau, the Product Manager, recently spoke with the news outlet Coindesk. In their conversation, Grau mentioned that the wallet would be the same size as a Visa card. They will be compatible with bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, XRP, ether and all ethereum-based ERC20 tokens.

Keycards will be expected to reach those interested in early March, the wallet will not be user-facing in the beginning, or not as a “full end customer product” but a tool, per Grau. It is being billed as a tool to be used by third-party blockchain projects, the wallet will allow them to secure their project on a cost effective hardware wallet.

The keycard itself will be integrated later this year. The project hopes this will encourage those using the wallet to build and develop the card themselves. Keycard’s API will remain entirely open source, allowing developers to integrate with mobile apps, desktop wallets, point of sale retail devices and create smartcards of their own.

Those curious about the wallet should visit the Keycard’s website, https://keycard.status.im/. To see Grau’s conversation with Coindesk, the article can be found here https://www.coindesk.com/status-launches-a-tap-to-pay-crypto-hardware-wallet

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