tZero, Overstocks New Exchange

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Overstock was the first online retail outlets to except Bitcoin for payment. Its owner Patrick M. Byrne has never been one to shy away from advocating for Bitcoin and crypto in general. The tZero platform looks to revolutionize capital markets and address the some of the inefficiencies of wall street with the introduction of Blockchain technology. Its network and technology aims to provide issuers a new solution to access capital and enable secondary liquidity for otherwise illiquid investments. “The trade is the settlement” as stated on their website, tZero aims takes advantage of the blockchain technology, two factor identification, as well as multi-sig addresses to protect for their clients and consumers.

TZero will be taking advantage of tools provided by Dinosaur Financial Group. Founded by Glenn Grossman, a man with 30 years of running operations for Wall street firms. Dinosaur has a vast network and connections in the traditional financial markets, which they access to broker deals and partnerships. When you sign up for Tzero you will be creating an account with the Dinosaur Financial Group. Their various terms and conditions, as well as their privacy policies will apply when you set up your account.

The set up process will require your address, social security, photo idea, as well as your income and net worth. You will be able to set up an account but you must go through an accreditation process. The Accreditation process falls under the same guidelines stated by the SEC for being an(https://www.investor.gov/additional-resources/news-alerts/alerts-bulletins/updated-investor-bulletin-accredited-investors) accredited Investor. Their is a pull down list for other options for accreditation on the website but users will need to be meet these requirements before you can trade or access the market data. One of the other options listed is if you already own TZROP tokens, but most might not fit into the $200,000 income and $1,000,000 Net worth category.

TZero is definetly an awesome step forward for the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets, but it maybe a little out of reach for the general public and casual traders to use as of now.

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