Guns N Crypto? Off the Chain!

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Cryptocation recently had the opportunity to sponsor the first ever “Off the Chain” convention. Put on by the project “TUSC”, the small gathering of crypto enthusiasts in Sandy, Utah addressed pain points, new uses for blockchain, as well as gratitude to see excitement in its local crypto community.

TUSC, kicked things off to introduce themselves. They explained how the conference came to be and broke down how they kicked off their blockchain. TUSC is a utility token, its target niche currently is the gun industry. With their token, Founders Robert McNealy and Kristy McNealy, set out with a goal to help solve some of the woes of purchasing a firearm. Many traditional purchasing platforms have shied away from the firearm market, leaving those who participate in its market at a loss. The TUSC, or “The Unverisal Settlement Coin” hopes to open the door to a non-bias median of exchange for adopters. It is good to note while TUSC does cater to the firearm market they are not going to stop there. They hope to grow into all markets to help give users a quick, reliable, as well as safe environment to exchange and settle transactions.

With an interesting mix of booths covering guns & survival kits to crypto education, breakout sessions offered insight into some of the hot topics in Crypto. Crypto security, both digital AND physical, blockchain based identity protocols, and education where some of the topics covered by other panels throughout the day.

With securing and storing your assets, a crypto-exchange Coinbook, discussed safe practices and services they provide to help store Private keys and funds. They also covered ways to avoid some of the pitfalls we have seen with other various exchanges. Fortknox vaults discussed on-site options for storing hardware wallets and other valuables in a safe box, while Safe Haven Private Vaults provided an off-site option that also stressed user privacy.

The topics of Identity on the blockchain was covered by a three person panel. Jonas Otsuji, a sushi chef, Surivor contestant, and Director of Business Development for Neuyrx ; Sam Smith who is involved with the ConsenSys and Sovrin projects, also an expert in machine learning; and Jeff Krane, who closed out the panel, as the co-founder in the Identity application Glyph ID. All three discussed the pain points and utility behind blockchain Identity. The scenario used was getting into a bar. When you are looking to buy alcohol they ask for your ID. The only information they need is to verify if you are over the age of 21. Your ID contains much more than that, and every time it is shown they get your height, exact age, weight, hair color etc. Glyph and Sovirn offer a service that will contain your info, and only give out the information needed for that exact transaction. So instead of a bar getting everything on your ID, they would only get the information that verifies you are above the age of 21. Usually when information like that is shared, there can be 3 to 4 companies profiting from that transaction of info. The goal is to eventually create an environment where interested parties must now pay YOU for that info, rather than a third party using it to collect a profit themselves. The goal in mind would be to give you back ownership of your digital presence.

This was from only the first half of day one in a 2 day convention, there are many great and exciting developments coming from the blockchain and crypto community. Local Utah residents should look to attend the convention next year, and those curious about blockchain stand to gain a lot from the breakout sessions. Crypto is creeping into your daily life, and some may have used a blockchain based service without realization. Its time to start learning and understanding this new platform!

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