Module 1: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

Learn about the digital currency Bitcoin and all the different cryptocurrencies.

●  What is Bitcoin?

Learn about what Bitcoin is, and it’s history.

●  What is Cryptocurrency?

Learn about the new digital currencies and the benefits of using them.

●  Tokens

Learn the difference between a token and a coin, and why tokens are so important to the Blockchain ecosystem.

●  Crypto Wallets & Exchanges

Learn about the different wallets to store you crypto on, and the purpose for crypto exchanges.

Module 2: Blockchain Technology

Learn about Blockchain Technology, and the secure way to store data.

●  What is Blockchain Technology

Learn about the new cutting edge technology.

●  Mining & Blockchain

Heard about mining, and having a passive income? Learn how mining powers the blockchain.

●  Smart Contract

Learn about the new digital form of contracts and how they work.

●  Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake

Learn about the protocols blockchains have that makes them so secure.

●  Where is The Blockchain Taking Us?

Learn about the promising future the Blockchain has.

Module 3: Crypto Mining

Learn about what crypto mining is, and the hardware evolution.

●  What is Mining?

Learn about what mining is

●  Miners vs Nodes

Learn about the technical differences between what a miner is and what a node is.

●  Different Types of Miners

Learn about the different supercomputers used to mine

Module 4: Trading

Learn basic knowledge about trading in the crypto world.

●  Trading

Learn trading basics

●  Chinese Candlesticks

Learn how to read the Chinese Candlestick graph

●  Bullish & Bear Market

Learn about how to read the market, and know the difference between bull and bear markets.

Module 5: Investing

Learn about the basics of investing in the crypto world.

●  Start Your Investment

Learn where to start when you want to invest.

●  Ways to Invest

Learn about the different investment opportunities in the crypto world.

●  ICOs

Learn about how you can invest in different blockchain projects, and how new blockchains get funding.

Module 6: Securing Your Assets

Learn about the basic ways to protecting your crypto assets

●  Cryptocation’s Tips to Securing Your Crypto Assets

Learn our tips to keeping your crypto protected

●  Wallets

Coming Soon!

●  Exchanges

Learn how to set up your account on a crypto exchange.

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