City-Chain: a brand new City “Block”

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As Blockchain looks to continue and innovate, new uses are being built and discovered. One of the newest areas that are being looked into is a “smart city platform”. The goal is to create a system that makes blockchain available to everyone. The Smart City Platform will host services like; City Hub, City Chain blockchain, wallet software, Identity Framework, Voting Framework, Vehicle Registry…. the list goes on.

If you think this is far-fetched, the city of Liberstad, Norway has recently stated that they will be ditching their own fiat currency and adopting a city-sponsored cryptocurrency. They are partnered with City Chain and its Smart City Platform and look to create what they are dubbing as a “private city”. Some may think this may be reserved for the more privileged of society, but the Liberstad intends to attract anyone who believes in anarchism and non-aggression. Anarchism may be a strong word for some, but this would pertain more to a city with a government that is absent of surveillance, coercion, and violence.

While a private city may cause skepticism from some, Governing bodies in the city have long governed and maintained the services that will be offered by this new platform. The goal of the Smart City is to make these services more efficient and cost effective. This will also allow a more direct involvement from the citizens that reside in the city. The City Coin will be operating as a medium of exchange, allowing purchases of city services, fund civic projects, and pay worker wages.

As blockchain technology is adopted by more of the products and systems we use daily, Its usefulness will grow and look to improve our society. Should this new system prove successful in Liberstad, we may see many others follow suite in Norway. Details on the project can be found on the city’s website https://www.liberstad.com/. Details for the Blockchain project can be found here http://city-chain.org/. It will be interesting to see how effective these products will be and if they will deliver on what they are proposing.

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